Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines




1. The deadline of submission of abstracts is 4th March, 2019. Please do not exceed.

2. The purpose , method and most important findgs or  findings of the study should be summarized in the submitted abstracts.

3. The submitted abstract consits of at least 250 words. 

4. The language of extended abstract must be English and not accepted in any language other than English. 

5. Please do not give any information about authors in the abstracts.

6. You must just submit your abstract through our conference website by log in with signing up.

7. Please do not use citation within the abstract.






1. The extended abstracts, which are decided to be published in the abstract proceedings should be written as 3 pages including the bibliography. However, the number of pages for full paper should be between 8 and 20.


2. The deadline of submission of extended abstracts and full papers is 26th March and 05 May, 2019 respectively. Please do not exceed.


3. The purpose , method and most important findgs or  findings of the study should be summarized in the extended abstracts and shoulld be extended in full paper as follows. Being vareful and sensitive about this matter is the most important factor that will increase your credibility and success of our conference in the world science. 


  • Title: The title of your abstracts must be compatible with the content. Moreover, all the letters in the title of your abstract should be CAPITAL. The maximum number of words should be 15. Please do not exceed the limit. Finally, do not use any subtitles.


  • Keywords: The purpose, method and most important findings of your study should be summarized between 3 and 6 keywords. The only first letter of your key should be capital. Additionally, keywords (e.g. Higher Education) should be sperated between them with a comma (eg. Higher Education, Teacher, etc.).


  • The introduction and the purpose of the study: The purpose of the introduction and research should provide clear information about which question the study seeks, what a research question or questions are asked, wht the reader should be clear in mind about why your study is ncessary.


  • The conceptual / theoretical framework: In the conceptual or theoretical framework of your study, the studies that are directly related to your works should be summarized and it should be clearly explained why your work have done / made. Moreover,  your abstracts should clarify the gap filled in your research area.


  • Method: The main approach, the main mass, sampling, data collectio method and tool with scales should be inclued in the method part of your study to find out more why they are preffered. 


  • Findings and discussion: The results or findings obtained in the anlaysis of daya or coceptual studies should be discussed in relation to the conceptual / theoretical framework, and similarities and differences and their reasons should be evaluated. For the researches whose final findings have not ben reaced, the expected or expected findings and comments and evaluations about those findings should be inclued.


  • Conclusions and recommendations: In this section, depending on the research findings that have been largely concluded or are continuing should be included and should include important issues that are thought to be or will be contributed to the relavant literature. Additionally, after mentionaning benefits of the study, suggestions should be given to the practitioners and or the researchers. 


4. The extended abstract consits of at least 750 words. There is no limit in full paper in case it do not exceed 20 pages.


5. The language of extended abstract must be English and not accepted in any language other than English. However, the language of full paper might be English and Turkish as well. 


6. The forename, surname, affiliation and email address of all authors of the abstract should be given in the abstract.


7. You must upload your extended and full paper abstract through our conference website by log in with your submission id and password. Please submit your extended abstract in PDF or WORD. 


8. Please do not use citation within the abstract but use in the reference section. However, use citations and references in full paper.


9. Please download abstract and full paper template (in word or in pdf) and update it through with your content. 


10. Please use the last version of APA Style in your reference.